Common Questions Asked During Social Security Interviews 

Preparing for your social security interview can be one of the most daunting processes since a large number of these applications are rejected every day. Even so, knowing which questions you might get asked and the correct way of answering them can increase your chances of success. Plus, learning a few tips has never harmed anyone. 

If you are considering applying for disability insurance, the best way to ensure a positive result is to hire a disability lawyer. The SSA either interviews you over the phone or in person. Regardless of how you are going to be interviewed, you should consult with an expert beforehand. Meanwhile, here are a few common questions asked during the interviews. 

Common questions asked during social security interviews 

  • When did your medical condition become disabling?

Everyone is plagued with an illness when they become old; some get them earlier than others. However, suffering from an illness is not enough to get approved for social security benefits. Your medical condition must be severe enough to prevent you from working and earning a living. The SSA will ask you when your condition started becoming so serious that you had to stop going to work. 

  • What is your living situation?

The interviewer will then want to know the basic information about your living situation. This may include your address, whether you own a house or live on rent, the number of people in your family or who else lives with you, and how much your monthly household expenses are. These pieces of information help the social security administration determine whether you actually need the monetary benefits. 

  • What is your work history?

The Social Security Administration will proceed to ask you several questions about your last job and your entire work history. Therefore, it is recommended that you recall information on this topic as much as possible before going for the interview. One wrong or contradictory answer, and you could be accused of lying. Some work-related questions are: 

  • What was the last job you had before you became disabled?
  • When did you stop working?
  • Who are your previous employers or supervisors?
  • If your disability is due to a work injury, did you receive workers’ compensation?

.What is your financial situation?

Last but not least, you will be asked about your finances and financial condition. After all, social security benefits are meant for people who cannot afford an average lifestyle. The interviewer will want to see documents proving your income, as well as the question you about the number of people you need to support with that income in your family. You may also need to carry documents like bank account balances, credit card amounts, etc. 

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