N/W Lifecycle with Mobile Network testing & Wifi/Wireless Site Survey Software

Automation has been a target for network operators. To increase revenue multifold operators and transform their way to offering services, 5G, IoT, and Edge Cloud offers huge potential for them. Hence, many operators have already taken up End-to-end Network Lifecycle Automation as visionary projects to optimize costs. Automation today is important to business success, be it optimizing network RoI, accelerating network and service rollouts, and monetizing advanced new revenue streams. However, the cost around the new spectrum, new radio, virtualization/containerization, low-latency transport network, slicing and orchestration requirements, 5G core and control plane elements, etc., all make the cost management and transformation for operators. So, now let us see how Network Lifecycle Automation use cases improve business outcomes along with Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks & Wifi site survey software app in detail.

What is network lifecycle automation (NLA)? Network Lifecycle Automation delivers a step-change in automation levels for your business, and processes across network planning, optimization, testing, deployment, and operations.

Here a question comes, what is the reason for automating the whole network lifecycle? The answer is enabling advanced automation use cases – NLA can enable these use cases within and across the network lifecycle by leveraging AI/ML, open and cloud-native architectures, and a maturing landscape of orchestration frameworks and capabilities. The right NLA solution comes pre-integrated with use cases, which are designed to deliver required business outcomes and enable new cross-lifecycle processes and run the existing processes more smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to enterprise network automation, enhancing network security, increasing agility, and ensuring business continuity are important factors that come to mind first. Organizations share some common ground to tackle the urgent challenges first while they move from manual and scripted network management to code-free and error-free automation, which is designed to help customers learn about the common challenges they face. Further, the network automation use cases provide benefits to the customers as they experience placing intelligent network automation to work on the most pressing network challenges.

A use case is a distinctive way in which an area of NLA software (as part of a network operator’s activities) can be used. Use cases can be ongoing with service assurance, and a long project life. Further, the use cases are always associated with a business outcome, if it is done right, a better outcome will arise whether in terms of cost, efficiency, reliability, or monetization. NLA tools/software allow users to analyze numerous technical and commercial scenarios which means they can not only address a variety of planning questions but also make the right decisions on each specific situation in a faster way.

Below-listed points are the network lifecycle automation areas.

  • AI-based automated network planning and Self-healing
  • Flow-through network build, Zero-touch provisioning, and Self-optimizing networks
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of automation through agile delivery tools
  • AIOps: Predictive & preventive operations
  • AI-based cross-domain correlation of events
  • Cognitive smart field operations
  • Automated network configuration/build/turn-up
  • Automated End-to-end Network Testing/Validation

Some of the network lifecycle automation use cases are –

  • Enhance Security
  • Minimize Downtime and Outages
  • Enable Compliance
  • Accelerate Cloud
  • Network Optimization
  • NetOps Agility
  • Lifecycle Management
  • OS Management
  • Inventory and Assessment
  • Consolidation and Integration

Importance of all NLA use cases:

  • CSPs need less, and the right NLA solution that is tailored for different stakeholders.
  • CSPs need to learn from best practices.
  • The value of the vendor is in the IP, which is software anyone could build.
  • Use case creation as a huge, multifaceted innovation process, which is involving all our customers equally.


Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) is an essential part of the new ways of working – it improves efficiency in the new 5G network processes but also saves significant costs. Therefore, 5G network testing is important. RantCell is one of the network testing tools that can perform tests on 5G/4G coverages – install RantCell pro app on smartphone devices to run the tests and get the results in near real-time through its web-based dashboard. It’s simple yet convenient to use.

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