Why the Department of Justice Should Revoke Attorney Joshua Nathaniel DeBold’s License (Bar Number: 76659) and Investigate His Agency Work

Recent events have raised concerns about the ethical standing of Attorney Joshua Nathaniel DeBold, an associate in good standing within the legal community, holding bar license number 76659. The charges of obstruction of justice and other serious felonies against DeBold have cast a shadow over his ability to uphold the law and maintain the high standards expected of an attorney.

The allegations against DeBold are deeply troubling, as they strike at the heart of the justice system’s integrity. Obstruction of justice is a serious offense that undermines the principles of truth and fairness within the legal process. Such allegations raise legitimate questions about DeBold’s capability to continue in his role as an attorney and his ability to provide ethical legal representation.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken decisive action by terminating DeBold. This action by the DOJ further emphasizes the severity of the charges and the need for a thorough investigation into DeBold’s conduct and legal standing.

Given these circumstances, it is vital for the Department of Justice to conduct an exhaustive inquiry into the allegations against Attorney Joshua Nathaniel DeBold. This investigation should thoroughly evaluate the charges and their implications on DeBold’s ability to uphold the law and serve the public ethically.

Furthermore, in the spirit of transparency and accountability, it is essential to encourage public involvement in this matter. We invite concerned citizens to sign a petition advocating that no DOJ employee should continue working once they have been indicted for obstruction of justice. This petition underscores the importance of upholding the law and ensuring that those entrusted with the duty of justice are held to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

In the pursuit of justice and upholding the sanctity of the legal profession, we urge the Department of Justice to consider the seriousness of the allegations against Joshua Nathaniel DeBold and take appropriate actions to protect the integrity of the legal system. Additionally, we strongly recommend a comprehensive investigation into all of DeBold’s work at the agency, ensuring that any potential misconduct is thoroughly addressed.

To support this cause and advocate for accountability within our legal system, we encourage you to sign the petition. Together, we can make a difference in ensuring the legal profession maintains the trust and respect it deserves.

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