3 popular spots for people thinking of upsizing

 Of course, size is often a major problem that causes many people to lose their confidence. In this issue, we’ve included a method for adding augmentation to the point most people lack, including chest, hips and nose.

        breast augmentation เสริมหน้าอก

          for breast augmentation surgery Before surgery you will look at the appearance of the breast in two things: size and age. For example, if you have never had a child, your breast is not very sagging. It is advisable to add a breast sac to be placed under the muscle layer to aid in future lactation. As for those who have children, their breasts may sag, so there is no need to be very careful about lactation. Can be supplemented in layers above the muscles. There are two types of surgical augmentation using silicone: smooth skin and rough skin. A smooth surface is easy to put on, but may cause hardening of the breast easily. Rough surfaces are more effective at preventing breast hardening after surgery than smooth skin. This surgical method of breast augmentation is a method that is very popular nowadays. and can last a lifetime if there are no complications.

        hip enhancement

          The first thing a doctor must consider before a patient’s butt augmentation is No bottom when viewed from the side and healthy skin not very wrinkled And when considering both, the doctor will choose the size of the silicone to match the patient’s body shape and needs. The silicone used for butt augmentation has both. Smooth walls, which are less at risk of lymphatic congestion. and rough walls that may have to be done by a professional doctor There is also a shape There are both round shapes which are easier to put on, especially the flat round ones. And the oval shape with both small and large poles makes it quite difficult to put on. easy to move In the surgical procedure, the doctor will inject an injection for the blood vessels to constrict before the muscle is cut off. By placing the incision in a soft curve on both sides, about 1 centimeter away from the center, the surgical incision will be in the buttock crotch area. So patients don’t have to worry about seeing scars in the future.


          Most of the material used is Medical Grade Silicone, which is sharpened to fit each person’s face shape. Surgical incisions are not visible from the outside. because the wound is inside the nasal cavity Before the surgery, your doctor will inject a local anesthetic, which may be used in conjunction with sleeping pills. After the surgery, you can go home. The bridge of the nose is covered with a plaster to reduce swelling and displacement of the silicone. It should be closed for at least 48 hours. Your doctor will make an appointment to see you again about a week after surgery. After surgery, you should lie upside down and apply a cold compress to your nose for at least 48-72 hours. The nose and surrounding areas will be most swollen the next day after surgery, after which the swelling will gradually subside. The area that has been swollen the longest The bruise caused by the surgery will go away in two weeks. You should not pick your nose or blow your nose for two weeks after surgery.

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