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For its large and diverse player base around the world, 188BET offers international services. It started out as a specialised Asian sportsbook but swiftly spread to the UK and other countries, despite having a casino and poker room. Its concentrate is on sports betting.

The sportsbook was introduced in 2006, making it comparatively new to the online gaming industry. Yet through its sponsorship initiatives in the UK, it quickly established a strong reputation for itself.

Being the official jersey sponsor of Premier League teams Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers, the business attracted even more attention right once, making history as the first betting company to support two football teams concurrently.

Even though NTL had actually simultaneously sponsored both Newcastle United and Aston Villa from 2000 to 2002, the honor was nonetheless provided in error, and they still benefited from the exposure and brand awareness.

188BET has found success in catering to sports fans directly, and through its promotional activities, it has regularly donated money to teams in the UK. The Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club was officially sponsored by 188BET this past year, and they also backed the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. To increase their customer base, online bookies need to be known, and 188BET’s efforts seem to be paying off.

We do want to point out that 188BET also gained media attention during the early stages of its existence in 2009 due to a little amount of controversy.

The Premier League criticized the businesses for providing college betting lines, along with its competitor bookmaker, SBOBET. Young people shouldn’t be exposed to foreign gaming, the league argued.

Both bookies received praise for stopping their preparation for college games as a result of the circumstances and for their willingness to collaborate with the League and the Professional Footballers’ Association on acceptable markets.

Gambling on sports in the UK

We’re concentrating on sports betting in the UK rather than Asia because 188BET is solidly established in the Asian market, but it has worked hard to win over some of the highly sought-after UK bettors who have proven to be devoted gamers and likely to come back time and time again.

The Gambling Act of 2005 stated that internet betting is also a legal and acceptable activity as long as it is not associated with a crime or disorder. As a result, gambling is much more common in the United Kingdom.

This is because parliamentary legislation has not only allowed for in-person gambling through casinos and bookmakers.

Because bookmakers serving the UK market have a highly liberal perspective on online betting and it is not the most common viewpoint globally, they are free to advertise and market their services.

Legislation that was recently passed in the UK did provide an additional layer of security for its residents who utilize online gambling sites.

Regardless of their primary licensing and regulation, offshore operators must obtain an extra license from the UK Gambling Commission under the 2014 Gambling Licensing and Gaming Act.

The commission is able to keep an eye on these global firms for fairness and security thanks to this secondary (or perhaps main) licensing under UK law.

In addition to always abiding by UK law, 188BET has now joined the ranks of bookies that support regional charities through their sponsorship initiatives.

When you consider an organization like the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, which doesn’t draw in major sponsors as frequently as football teams, especially those in the Premier League, promotional advertising helps local clubs raise much-needed money.

How was your experience overall?

This sportsbook appears to be a more mainstream bookmaker when compared to any of its immediate competitors on the Asian market, such Dafabet or sbobet.

The site itself is current and up-to-date rather than being loud and in your face, and the colors are a little more muted thanks to the theme’s predominance of gray.

With its left-side sports menu and right-side Bet Slip, the design resembles some of the major bookmakers, like Coral, Betway, and bet365, in a significant way. The featured area on 188BET is used to highlight the most recent in-play possibilities and Improved Price Specials.

The top menu consists of:

  • Sports\sracing\sesports\scasino
  • Poker Live Casino Promotions

Before the choice of different sports starts on the left, there are three options: In Play, Beginning Soon, and Asian Perspective. It’s simple to switch to the Asian view, however to return after changing, you must click “International” in the top right corner of the Asian view homepage.

It doesn’t take much searching to discover that the website provides a respectable number of markets for each game or match. Simply glance at the currently playing events to see the market number, which is displayed in the gray box to the right of each line.

The online sportsbook typically offers 30-35 markets each football (soccer) game, but certain events may provide up to 80.

Although you will quickly discover that this sportsbook does not provide a lot of bonuses, there are some daily specials that players can take advantage of, and these can be found directly to the right of the in-play roster.

This “specials” column is a useful daily resource because it highlights the results of important events in addition to the specials that are constantly updated.

Overall, 188BET is a pleasant and appealing website. For its customers who appreciate being up to date on all of the latest sports and betting news and trends, it doesn’t overdo it with information, but it does offer enough of the most fascinating news and betting updates.

High Five

With a few goals, 188BET began offering its betting services. It desired to adhere to a “winners are welcome” approach and provide its players better odds. We applaud it and agree that 188 did a fantastic job achieving those objectives.

Players wishing to wager on one of the most popular sports are catered to by Asian handicaps on a substantial portion of football betting, and through this sportsbook, they are receiving one of the best offers available. Asian handicaps have margins of less than 1.5% in the English Premier League and the top divisions of Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Once you pay commission on your wins, they advertise that “Odds at 188BET are up to 20% better than those on offer from a betting exchange.”

They also assert that they provide sooner and higher liquidity so that bettors may place larger wagers and hence benefit from superior odds and service. For keen gamblers who know and appreciate where the value is in sports betting, this urging is a major selling factor.

Further to providing generally favorable chances, they also provide Improved Price Deals. On certain bets, these restricted opportunities, which are posted on the sportsbook homepage, offer superior value. As an Enhanced Price Special, one match, initially posted at 7.90 odds, was increased to 9.7 odds. Another had its price raised to 4.70 from 4.30.

We welcome prizewinners here. There is no precedent for banning winners or players who have demonstrated to be more skilled. With no recorded account cancellations, it provides large payment limits.

High rollers or even lucky gamblers will value this policy considerably. Online gamblers have a lot of discussion and debate about it, thus 188BET made a smart decision by agreeing to provide larger payouts without repercussions.

We particularly appreciate the additional live in-play facilities that 188BET offers to its clients.

Although live streaming of the games and matches would be preferable, 188BET does provide coverage of their in-play sports through live play-by-play that is graphically depicted, commentary which can be loosely translated as written play-by-play match stats, and updates on all games that are currently being played.


Issues that require improvement

We’ll move from the sizeable live betting section, which is positive for the sportsbook, to the lack of live event streaming.

A significant video streaming schedule with hundreds of games each week is offered by some of the larger UK-based bookmakers, and bettors who place their wagers in play greatly profit from this added service. For sports fans and bettors, it creates a one-stop shop.

Only residents of Ireland and England are eligible for the welcome offer, “Bet £10 and Get a £20 Free Bet,” which we shall discuss in the bonuses section.

This incentive cannot even be accessed through Just lists it. All players should have the chance to participate in free bet possibilities or value-added promotions at a sportsbook with a worldwide emphasis.

The cashier section, particularly with regard to the deposit and withdrawal options, is another area that may be enhanced. Although the fee-free transactions and reasonably quick processing are important advantages, customers outside of Asia have few options.

This is not to suggest that 188BET doesn’t have a somewhat superior menu than some of its immediate rivals, but it could still improve its reputation and win over European bettors if it went above and beyond to meet their needs.

Since that Bitcoin is a virtual currency used all around the world and is not bound to any one region, we would assume it would be an obvious addition and simple to implement.

However, if 188BET is obligated to refrain from offering bonuses to its users, it might increase excitement and boost value for bettors by providing some of the pools and promotional games that other sportsbooks give. Faithful customers value the chance to diversify their betting routine and participate in enjoyable competitions and tournaments that may also be profitable.

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