Do Eco-Friendly Heat Transfer Services Exist?

Love creating unique, custom clothing and accessories but worry about what it’s doing to the environment? We get it: the fast fashion industry is putting a serious strain on Mother Earth, and you want to do your part to help create sustainable, eco-friendly gear that looks great and lasts. If your passion for fashion is matched only by your passion for the planet, we’ve got some good news for you!

Sublimation heat press machines not only make creating one-of-a-kind clothing easy and fun, but they are also a great eco-friendly way to upcycle old clothing and give a second life to shirts, hats, jackets and more.

How does sublimation printing work?

In the sublimation printing process, a heat transfer image is created, either with a photograph or with a graphic design created using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Once you’ve got the perfect image, you can print it on sublimation paper using a printer that supports sublimation ink. craftymagazines Then, just set the printed image on the area of the garment where you want it, use a sublimation heat press to transfer it, and remove the paper. Boom!

What makes sublimation printing an eco-friendly choice?

First of all, there is little waste associated with sublimation printing. The same sublimation print image can be used multiple times to print on more than one garment, through a process called exhaust printing. While the prints will reduce in intensity with each re-use, this can sometimes make for a cool, faded effect that takes on a life of its own!

Secondly, unlike many other dyeing processes, sublimation printing doesn’t get any dye into the water system, meaning that it is inherently better for the environment than a number of other techniques.

Perhaps most importantly, sublimation printing is the perfect way to give new life to secondhand clothing. Recycling thrift store finds into amazing new pieces using a sublimation heat press not only helps lessen the amount of carbon output released into the atmosphere with every new piece of clothing that is manufactured but can also help keep a little extra money in your pocket without having to sacrifice your flair for fashion. Just keep in mind that polyester is the best fabric for sublimation printing when you’re scouring the thrift store for potential new pieces bestnewshunt .

The only thing cooler than expressing yourself through fashion is making a positive impact on the planet. Sublimation printing lets you do both!

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