How to prevent distracted driving


Distracted driving can be defined as any activity where your eyes leave the road for at least two seconds. That may not seem like a lot of time, but it is long enough to cover a football field at 55 mph. When a driver’s eyes are off the road, getting in a car accident significantly increases. While texting and driving have received most media attention lately, distracted driving can be from almost anything you could imagine: eating or drinking, putting on makeup, changing the radio station, or even picking up an object that fell on the floorboard.

How to prevent distracted driving

The simple solution to preventing distracted driving is for drivers and passengers to put their phones away. While that may sound like common sense, it is often easier said than done. If a phone call or text comes in while driving, the temptation can be too great to ignore it. Another way to prevent distracted driving is for drivers and passengers to put their electronic devices on vibrate or do not disturb mode.

Distractions are not limited to just cell phones and electronic devices. If this is something that you or a loved one struggles with, there are some practical solutions for dealing with it. First, ask someone else in the car if they have a question. If they do not, let the call or text go to voicemail. You should also turn down your radio if it distracts you from driving.

If you are looking for a new way to engage with people in the car, turning on your lapel microphone is a great solution. This will allow you to still speak hands free while driving. Drivers who use this feature reported becoming much more engaged in conversations with their passengers when using a lapel microphone. This is a great way to prevent distracted driving.

Another excellent way to prevent distracted driving is by using the dashboard camera feature of your dashcam. With a dashboard camera, you can talk on the phone hands-free while driving. This same feature will also record video footage of your drive if you are involved in an accident. Dashboard cameras benefit from providing evidence for an accident claim or investigation by law enforcement. A dashboard camera is yet another great way to prevent distracted driving.

Using a rearview mirror mount will give you a better view of the road behind you while driving in the rearview mirror. This feature is typically only found on luxury cars, but you can use your smartphone as a front-facing camera to ensure that distracted driving does not occur. This is an excellent way to prevent distracted driving.

Use an app like Waze; this will help you focus on the road while still following along with traffic alerts and Colorado Car Accident Attorney construction information. It also helps prevent distracted driving because you do not have to look at your phone or change the radio station while driving.

Driving by using a wireless headset. You can then talk on the phone hands-free or listen to music that will not distract you from going. This is an excellent way to prevent distracted driving.


Distracted driving is a severe problem. It can have devastating consequences for you, your passengers, and even other drivers on the road. By using the tips above and implementing them into your daily life, you will be taking steps to prevent distracted driving.


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