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How to tell your friend that you are missing him

It’s never easy to tell someone they have been on your mind, but it’s especially difficult when trying to say it to a friend. This is particularly true if you and your friend are in different cities or states because even though you may want to talk about how much you miss them all the time, there may not be an opportunity for that conversation for months. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, though. Next time you’re feeling down about being away from someone special in your life, try one of these strategies:

Remember the good times.

If there is one thing that you can do to help your friend feel better, it remembers all the good times and positive qualities that made him such an important part of your life.

Remembering his sense of humor will make him smile when feeling down. Remembering what he taught you will show him how much his lessons have helped you in life. Thinking about his interests will remind him that he has other things to love besides just himself.

These memories will remind your friend why he loved spending time with you in the first place, so they can give him a boost when he needs it most. You can send quotes for missing friends to make them realize how much you missed them. Or you can arrange a party and ask a mutual friend to invite the missing friends.

Share your feelings with friends who know your friend well.

When you’re missing your friend, it can be hard to figure out what to say. That’s why talking with friends who know your friend well is a good idea. They may have some ideas for getting back in touch with them that you haven’t thought of!

You might worry that if you ask someone else for help, they will think poorly of your friend and his choices. But remember: everyone deserves healthy relationships and support from their friends—even if they’ve made poor decisions in the past. If a friend isn’t willing to listen to wisdom from others and make changes needed for the betterment of their life, then maybe it isn’t worth staying in touch with them anyway.

Make a playlist

If you are an avid music listener, try creating a playlist of songs that remind you of your friend. This could be anything from The Beatles’ “Let It Be” to any song by The Lumineers. The point is to focus on how their music makes you feel rather than trying to fit their songs into one genre.

Once you have created your playlist, start listening! Play it whenever you are missing your friend or feeling sad or happy—whatever moment resonates best with the song’s mood will be when it works best for helping with feelings and emotions.

Take notice of things that reminds you of them and engage with those things more often.

While this method might be self-explanatory, you must be actually taking notice of these things. If you see a picture of him/her on the wall or hear one of his/her favorite songs on the radio, make it a point to engage with those things more often.

Take note of how they like to do things and try doing them yourself (if possible). For example, if he/she loved listening to music while driving around town, then listen to some music while driving around town! As long as you’re engaging with their interests healthily, there’s nothing wrong with doing this. It will help make his presence seem more real—and suddenly missing him won’t feel so bad anymore!

Express your feelings artistically (drawing, writing, music, photography, etc.)

If you’re missing your friend, try expressing yourself artistically. It may be a fantastic way to release emotions and connect with others. You may be surprised at how many people are willing to listen when they see how much you care about something.

For example:

  • Drawings – You can create drawings that express your feelings or even give them as gifts to someone who is essential in your life. If you’re feeling especially artistic or creative, consider making an album full of pictures of the two of you; this will remind you of happy times spent together.
  • Writing – If words are more your thing than images, then consider writing letters or poems for your friend! Writing down what’s important for both people helps them stay connected through even the most difficult situations (like being apart). This also makes it easier for each person to know what he/she means without having any doubts about what might happen next time they talk again (because sometimes communication isn’t always easy)

Brighten his day by sending a care package or writing a letter.

If you have missed a friend and want to let him know, it’s okay to do so in person. You can try calling or visiting him if you live close enough. You could also send a care package or gift, write him a letter, or send him an email or text message.

If you can’t manage time for any of these options, however, there are still plenty of other ways to help brighten his day—or at least make it easier on yourself! Below are some suggestions:

  • Write your friend a poem about how much he means to you and how much happier he makes your life;
  • Sing your friend “Happy Birthday” (or another special occasion) over the phone;
  • Send an email telling him that he’s one of the best people in your life and deserves all the happiness in the world;
  • Write an article titled “Five Ways To Make Your Loved One Feel Special,” which includes instructions on how they can give themselves something nice every day while simultaneously building their confidence and self-esteem so they feel better about themselves;

Visit or call him/her on special occasions (birthday, holidays, graduation).

Send a letter, card, or gift.

If you know how to write in Chinese, writing a letter to your friend will be easy and meaningful for them. Other than that, you can send a small present such as chocolates or flowers. It’s also common for people to send birthday cards and gifts on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day.

Call them on special occasions (birthdays, holidays).

You can call your friend, especially when important events are coming up (e.g., graduation), and express your congratulations through the phone call!

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