How to Use Google Domains to Buy a Domain for Your Business?

Before starting an online business, you need to register a domain name, which is the name of your website. Having a unique domain name may sound technical, but it’s the first crucial step. Besides this, you also need to check whether the selected domain name is available for registration.

Every website has an IP address that points to the website’s location on the internet. It sounds similar to the coordinates on a GPS. Since the IP address is usually a set of random numbers put together, such as, trying to remember all the digits can be challenging. That’s where domain names step in and turn those IP addresses into names that are relatively easier to remember.

The domain name of a website is the website address that is written on the address bar of a browser, which directs you to your website. 

Understanding the Different Types of Domains

Before registering a domain, you must know the domain type required for your website. There are two types: SLDs and TLDs. Second-Level Domains (SLDs) are usually the name of your website, which is supposed to be short and easy. Whereas, Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are referred to as domain extensions, which are letters, appearing at the right-end of the SLD after the dot. Some of the most popular domain extensions include ‘.com’, ‘.net’, and ‘.edu’ to name a few.

Presently, there are 1500 various TLDs, although the list is considerably growing. Before purchasing a domain, you need to know that some domains carry more weight than others do. For instance, most internet providers use the ‘.com’ extension to indicate that they are a commercial business, whereas ‘.ca’ indicates that the extension belongs to a business set in California.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name can significantly influence your website since it’s the first building stone of the business. That’s why it’s important to select a domain name that’s not only easy to remember but reflects the true picture of your brand as well. Try to create an innovative domain name that doesn’t sound generic, otherwise, it will get lost on the internet.

Also, one more thing to remember, don’t put a bunch of keywords together to form a domain name. Make something that is in line with the essence of your brand, and is memorable to the target audience. Avoid names that sound spammy to the ears. The trick is to have a domain name that captures the right essence of your business while sounding 100% authentic. Whether you are new in the market or an accomplished venture, your domain name can silently do wonders for your business.

Selecting the Correct Domain Extension and the Right Length of Your Domain

While ‘.com’ is the most preferred domain extension as it’s a highly expected one., it affects brand perception and may affect rankings as well. Other popular extensions include ‘.net’ and ‘.org’, though they are not as coveted as ‘.com’ is.

Another thing that determines which kind of domain extension you need is the website type. Even if you are the owner of a business that’s all fun, ‘.com’ would still be suitable. On the other hand, the length of your domain is also important. Particularly, search engines, prefer simple yet unique domain names, that are easy to read and even easier to remember.

Things to Check before Creating a Domain Name

When deciding your domain name, don’t create a name with numbers/hyphens, as this sounds fishy to the algorithms at the back end. Also, never create a domain name that resembles the domain name of any major brand(s) as it can land you into legal trouble. Treat your domain like a long-term investment and choose a name that is professional and funky both at the same time. If you are looking for ideas, you can even use a domain name generator, for brainstorming ideas.

Why Not Use Google Domains?

Users can easily purchase and manage domains, and connect them directly with website builders, such as Squarespace or Wix. What’s more, is that users can also add up to 30 emails for each user at no extra cost. One important thing to remember is that Google Domains are unfortunately not available in all countries, and some areas may not support certain languages either.

On the positive side, Google Domains is compatible with older versions of web browsers, which include Google Chrome, Firefox®, Microsoft Edge™, etc. The process is very simple. Users simply have to use Google Domains as a web registrar, which helps to search and scan for available domains, buy their names, manage the registration process, and integrate web hosts for improved presence. Users can also make and administer domains to fit personalized requirements.

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Wrapping up… Is it worth it? 

There’s no doubt that Google Domains are worth it. These are well-designed interfaces that are quite similar, so the user can easily navigate the platform. Secondly, even though there are cheaper options available, Google Domains ensure that the prices never hike up after the first year.

Additionally, users can simply relax and use the service as this is well protected with its top-notch encryption. Furthermore, the security feature is free of charge whereas other services have started charging for their in-built security features. At the end of the day, this is still preferred over other options.In the end, Google Domains is still an internet-based product, hence requiring a robust internet service to work. Why not visit BuyTVInternetPhone and select a service that’s highly accessible and reasonably priced. Visit now!

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