2 Upcoming Nissan Technologies You Cannot Miss Out On

Nissan is one of the world’s leading automakers and it is always developing rapidly. The company also paired up with Renault not too long ago in an effort to jointly develop new tech together. In an era of auto alliances with hundreds of millions of dollars invested into the venture, they’ve garnered a lot of praise.

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The Japanese automaker has been giving us headlines about their recent developments. They’re not just focusing on green vehicles, but also on achieving greater autonomy and safety while driving. The company is going to turn these developments into features in the upcoming years topportal.

The following is a brief review of what they’ve recently done:

Nissan In Recent Times

Nissan is a key player in the automotive industry and it seems to be making all the right moves. Its partnership with Renault should benefit it a lot when it comes to research and development. The two are spending a lot of money and time into greener vehicles and it seems that they’re making lots of progress. 

But it’s not just the earth’s auto industry that Nissan is trying to conquer. The company is also working towards space exploration vehicles. Just recently, it was announced that Nissan had developed a lunar rover prototype for NASA. The demo vehicle was unveiled a couple of months ago. 

Like any moon rover, its design is quite unconventional looking. Still, it is very capable as Nissan has equipped it with their own all-wheel drive/control system. As a result, the rover should be able to prevent itself from getting stuck on the moon’s weird surface.  

The 2 Newest Upcoming Nissan Technologies

In-House Batteries

Nissan plans on commercializing a different type of battery; the lithium ion one. The company has quite a bit of experience in this regard, as it was the pioneer behind it in the auto world. The currently found batteries are the ones which utilize conduction via liquid. This liquid will be replaced however. 

Instead, you’ll get solid state batteries. Should they work according to Nissan’s plans, they’ll certainly revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. Not only will they be cheaper to buy, but they’ll also be more powerful. The best part of all is that the charging times will be quicker than the ones you get currently. 

But what exactly is stopping them from delivering them right now? Well, the current challenge stem from the solid lithium changing its form into something spikier. These substances are known as dendrites and they can short circuit. As a result, they can be quite the fire hazard. 

At the moment, the rate of failure for these batteries is high. It needs to be reduced in order for them to be used in today’s vehicles. At the same time, there’s also the challenge of downsizing these batteries just enough so that they may be used in the average electric vehicle.

These challenges mean that the company is aiming to have them commercialized till the year 2030. It is obviously difficult for it to do this itself as it doesn’t specialize in the area. But despite this, Nissan has put their development into the hands of its own researchers. You can download latest movies from 300mb movies 9xm

ProPilot Tech

This is the name of Nissan’s effort to improve their driver assistance tech. This is a system that’ll help the car in question avoid collisions better. The car will be essentially fitted with cameras and radars that’ll collect info about the road. They’ll do all sorts of light detection and collect the data obtained.  

The data obtained will help the car make better decisions about what’s on the road. It will be able to analyze the conditions on the roadway and then it’ll be able to make decisions on how to protect you accordingly. But what exactly does it look at while you’re driving?

Well, it observes many things on the road. For example, it’ll look out for any type of traffic ahead of you that’s slowing down. In that case, it’ll automatically call for a lane change execution. The system will also provide the driver with some extra help in case the maps aren’t of any use.

With the number of distracted drivers in the world and their resultant accidents increasing every year, any improvement in drivers-assistance tech is welcomed. This new system should be able to save many lives. We can expect this setup to be available on all of Nissan’s vehicles by the next decade. 

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