Should Cyclists Stop at Stop Signs?

There is much confusion regarding whether cyclists need to stop at stop signs. As per the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws, every bicycle needs to follow the rules set by the state law. This usually includes stopping when there is a stop sign, yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, and signaling properly. Despite these regulations, still, a considerable amount of bicycles happen. If you are one of the victims, reach out to a lawyer at Husain Law & Associates, P.C.

Factors to consider:

Some of the things you need to consider as a cyclist are that you will only be able to ride on streets, highways, bike lanes, and routes that are specifically designated for cyclists. Moreover, it is forbidden to ride bicycles or other non-motorized vehicles onto bicycle racks. When you get to the rack, always dismount and put your bike in a free spot. Another aspect is that in a shared-use area, bicycles must pass pedestrians or other bikers slowly and audibly to signal their intent to do so.

Note that bicyclists have the same rights and obligations as drivers of motor vehicles because a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and is subject to all rules and markings governing the movement of vehicles on the road. If you were in a bicycle accident and want to understand more about these regulations, get in touch with a lawyer today. 


Remember that there can be some exemptions when it comes to taking a whole lane. A bicyclist will be able to take the entire lane if there’s another person or vehicle going in the same direction. Also, if you’re trying to turn left for the next intersection, you may do so. Additionally, if the cyclist feels that there is a potential hazard in the lane, they may move to the next curb. Also, if there isn’t enough space to cycle side by side, you can take the other lane. 

Final thoughts:

Even though bicycle accidents may not sound like a big deal, some accidents may lead to severe injuries. It’s quite possible that there may be still confusion regarding the regulations surrounding bicycles. If you recently got into a bicycle accident, and are unsure about the legal procedures due to less clarity on the regulations, get in touch with a lawyer for help. Not only will they walk you through the regulations, but also help in safeguarding your rights. 

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